Product Design and Manufacture

With over twenty years' of CAD design experience Hartech Motorsport have a proven track record encompassing everything from the smallest bracket, race car suspension to whole race car design.

Using advanced 3D CAD design with the latest versions of Solidworks and advanced 3D scanning, Hartech Motorsport is able to design bespoke components for all applications. Hartech Motorsport also offer reverse engineering to a new level. Not only can we recreate we can optimise and improve so that you not only get an accurate replacement component, it is refined and improved for performance, reliability and ease of manufacture.

Hartech Motorsport provide full fabrication and CNC machining capabilities, offering a one stop design and supply service to the highest levels.

Event Preparation and Test Engineering

Ensure you arrive prepared to each event by utilising our car commissioning, shakedown and test support service to optimise your performance.

Our engineering team will visit your preparation facility in advance of your event and thoroughly examine the systems functionality of your vehicle, highlighting potential issues and advising any actions required to avoid troubles on event.

Supporting you with advanced software tools and test management techniques we can help improve productivity and reduce testing down-time leading to enhanced performance.

As part of our test engineering package Hartech Motorsport will work closely with you to establish a relevant test plan, prioritise each item and customise our proven testing methodology to ensure that you achieve the best results in the most cost-efficient way.

Event Engineering Support

Hartech Motorsport provide complete event support covering car set-up, differential setting, fuel calculations and tyre selection plus detailed data analysis and post event reporting.

Our engineering support helps ensure reliability and optimal performance allowing you to reach your full potential bringing improved results.

Hartech engineers are proficient in the following packages to support you:

  • McLaren Electronics – Atlas and Atlas Lite
  • Magnetti Marelli - WinTAX
  • PI – Caltool and Toolbox
  • Motec – ECU Manager I2 Pro and Interpreter
  • GEMS – GWv4, Dlog and Data Analysis
  • OBR Racing – PCM Manager

Post-event engineering reports are also is produced upon request outlining key points to note, recommended rebuild items and necessary future developments.