Hartech Motorsport provides a comprehensive product design service using advanced 3D solid modelling techniques. Hartech Motorsport benefits from many years of experience at the forefront of motorsport and undertakes projects for any application from simple one-off components to complete vehicle optimisation.

Hartech Motorsport offers finite element analysis where required and optimise designs using our vast experience to provide precise, thorough and reliable designs to meet your needs. The service is completed by our product manufacture service and, should you wish, we can supply you with detailed drawings and models in universal file formats.

Each design project is tailored to your specific application to provide optimal performance and reliability whilst balancing functionality and cost.

Hartech Motorsport has vast experience in key areas of rally and race car design. From chassis and roll cage integration, to the optimisation of suspension geometry and full drive train installations. With a background specialising in whole vehicle engineering, Hartech Motorsports understand the particular requirements of all areas and is able to utilise this knowledge to provide unique and exciting solutions.

Hartech Motorsport completes the total engineering package by offering a product manufacture service to see your product design right through to fruition providing exceptional levels of quality, delivery, cost and convenience for you.

With a comprehensive network of CNC machining and rapid prototyping facilities coupled with high quality advanced fabrication, our manufacturing service is designed for motorsport applications operating to the highest quality within given time frames at competitive rates.